Evolve Biomed Group

About Evolve Biomed

Who we are

The Evolve Biomed Group is a non-profit association created by a diverse and multidisciplinary team of biomedical research scientists and engineers. We believe in the potential of biomedical technologies to transform healthcare and share a common passion to see that potential become reality.

What we do

Our annual event brings thought-leaders together to focus on the latest advances in life sciences research and innovation. We forge partnerships with industry leaders, medical research institutions, think tanks, government agencies and foundations, to create an environment where research ideas are shared across disciplines and given the resources to be further developed into clinical applications.

Meet the Team

Ayokunmi Ajetunmobi (AJ)Ayokunmi Ajetunmobi (AJ)
Co-Founder & Chair
Scientist | Entrepreneur | Story-teller

AJ co-founded the Evolve Biomed Group. He has developed a keen interest in growing a global life sciences start-up ecosystem and implementing multidisciplinary projects across academia and industry to accelerate research discoveries into healthcare solutions.
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Laura KickhamLaura Kickham
Co-Chair & Director of Speaker Relations
Scientist | Innovator | Organiser

Laura is a biomedical scientist and doctoral candidate in Clinical Medicine at Trinity College Dublin. Laura brings her passion for science communications to the team, and is involved in identifying new and exciting speakers to tell their stories and share their insights with the Evolve Biomed 2016 delegates.
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Omar MahfoudOmar Mahfoud
Director of Programmes
Scientist | Medical Writer | Musician

Omar is a research scientist who is currently working in the clinical trials e-Training space as a scientific/medical writer. Building on his interests in product innovation and novel therapeutics, Omar is responsible for developing exciting programme content for the Evolve Biomed 2016 delegates.
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Rachel BerminghamRachel Bermingham
Director of Communications
Scientist | Facilitator | Climber

Rachel completed her Clinical and Translational Research PhD at Trinity College Dublin. Rachel’s primary interest is in translational research and the processes involved in bringing research from bench to bedside. Rachel is responsible for developing communication strategies and satellite events at Evolve Biomed.
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Olayemi Azeez AbdullaiOlayemi Azeez Abdullai
Director of Delegate Relations
Scientist | Collaborator | Athlete

Azeez is a biomedical scientist who has recently completed a Masters degree in Translational Oncology. He brings strong business acumen to the Evolve Biomed committee and is responsible for overseeing delegate relations.
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Alexandra TuzovaAlexandra Tuzova
Director of Digital Marketing
Scientist | Communicator | Artist

Alex is an Irish Cancer Society funded PhD scholar at University College Dublin. She has a keen interest in visual communications and is responsible for creating conference awareness through the development of marketing campaigns and media content for Evolve Biomed.
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Michelle KickhamMichelle Kickham
Director of Volunteers
Scientist | Writer | Athlete

Michelle is a doctoral candidate in Immunology and Organic Chemistry and a current Irish Research Council scholar. Michelle’s role in Evolve Biomed 2016 is well aligned with her interest in science communication and networking. She heads the Evolve Biomed university outreach programme, responsible for the recruitment and management of a network of university representatives engaged in partnership and collaboration initiatives.
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